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Anti hypertensive


Each tablet contains – Enalapril Maleate BP 5mg

Pack: 3x10’s

Pharmapress is indicated for the following:


Hypertension – All grades of essential hypertension and renovascular hypertension.

Heart Failure – Pharmapress is indicated for the treatment of symptomatic congestive heart failure, usually in combination with diuretics and digitalis. In these patients Pharmapress improves symptoms, increases survival and decreases the frequency of hospitalization.

Asymptomatic Left Ventricular Dysfunction – In clinically stable asymptomatic patients with left ventricular dysfunction (ejection fraction ≤35%), Pharmapress decreases the rate of development of overt heart failure and decreases the incidence of hospitalization for heart failure.




Tenloka tablets are available in two strengths.


50mg   : Each film coated tablet contains – Atenolol BP    50mg



100mg : Each film coated tablet contains – Atenolol BP  100mg 



Pack: 3x10’s


Tenbloka is used in the management of angina pectoris and hypertension.